19th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices
June 29 - July 3, 2018
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List of papers recommended for publication in the proceedings of EDM 2018

Section 1. Semiconductor Physics and Technology. Photovoltaics.

An Evaluation of CMOS Inverter Operation Under Cryogenic Conditions Anton A. Cherepanov, Ilya L. Novikov, Vladislav Yu. Vasilyev
Analysis of the Technological Parameters Influence on the Reproducibility of the Active Dielectrics Properties Pavel E. Golubkov, Ekaterina A. Pecherskaya, Aleksey N. Golovyashkin, Aleksey A. Golovyashkin,  Anatoliy V. Pecherskiy, Yuliya V. Shepeleva
Evaluation of Hall Effective Masses in Callium Arsenide Monocrystal in Quantizing Magnetic Field       Aleksey G. Moiseev, Konstantine N. Savinov
Examination of Schwoebel Barrier Influence on GaN Quantum Dot Formation David V. Shterental, Alexander N. Karpov, Natalya L. Shwartz
GaAs Substrates Langmuir Evaporation Kinetics Anna A. Spirina, Alla G. Nastovjak, Nataliya L. Shwartz
Influence of Technological Parameters on the Energy Efficiency of Oxide Solar Cells Kirill Olegovich Nikolaev, Ekaterina Anatolyevna Pecherskaya, Aleksei Alekseevich Shamin
Investigation of Hf(Zr)O2 Film Ferroelectric Properties Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Method Ramin M. H. Iskhakzay, Vladimir Sh. Aliev, Vladimir A. Gritsenko
Microelectromechanical Generator with Autostabilization Mode Valery P. Dragunov, Rodion E. Sinitskiy, Dmitriy I. Ostertak
Mild fluorination of carbon nanocages to enhance the supercapacitor performance Aleksei V. Sosunov, Victor Henner, Gamini Sumanasekera
Multifunctional Magnetophotonic Structure Creation Based on Magnetic Properties of Micro and Nanoscale Clusters Dmitry A. Bezuglov, Marina Yu. Zvezdina, Gennady P. Sinyavsky, Larissa V. Cherkesova, George N. Shalamov, Yuliya A. Shokova
Research of Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2/TiO2 Multilayer Structures by Spectroscopic and Multiangle Monochromatic Null Ellipsometry Irina B. Mishchenko, Darya E. Petukhova, Mikhail S. Lebedev
Shapes of the Micron-Sized SiGe Islands Grown on Si(100) in Dewetting Conditions Anastasia E. Budazhapova,  Alexander A. Shklyaev
Simulation of the Heterodyne Method for Measuring of the Current-Voltage Characteristic’s Second Derivative Nikita I. Lysenko, Vladimir G. Polovinkin
Structure and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide Prepared via Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid Elena D. Fakhrutdinova, Antonina V. Palatova, Valery A. Svetlichnyi
TCAD simulation of the influence of grain boundaries on the temperature  dependence of conductivity in polycrystalline silicon films Vladislava I. Saburova, Victor A. Gridchin, Gennady N. Kamaev, Igor G. Neizvestny, Aleksey S. Cherkaev

Section 2. Radio and Microwave Technology. Computer Science and Telecommunications.

1.58 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Design and Verification in 130 nm CMOS Technology Igor K. Surin, Andrey A. Antonov, Dmitry L. Shlemin
A Distributed Object Model With Division Into Space and Time Variables Alexey V. Kiselev, Maksim A. Stepanov
An Interface Model of the Interconnection Between Integrated Circuit Chip Die and Printed Circuit Board Andrey A. Antonov, Igor K. Surin
Assessment of the required number of handwritten signatures to form a sample Danil A. Volkov,  Victor A. Pasenchuk
Band-pass filters on U-shaped resonators Denis A. Letavin
Compact branch-line coupler based on an inductor and a U-shaped capacitor Denis A. Letavin
Compact Crossover Based on Low-pass Filters Denis A. Letavin
Compact dual-frequency microstrip branch-line coupler using artificial transmission lines Denis A. Letavin
Determination of critical parameters of binary Gibbs random field based on image modeling Vasily N. Vasyukov, Anna Yu. Zaitseva, Irina A. Denisenko
Differential broadband transimpedance amplifier in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS technology Anatoly V. Kosykh, Sergey A. Zavyalov, Rodion R. Fakhrutdinov, Konstantin V. Murasov, Ruslan A. Wolf
Evaluation and Compensation of Systematic Errors of Matrix Simulator Calibration Alexey V. Kiselev, Artemy O. Podkopaev, Maksim A. Stepanov
Examination of Physical Phenomena and Processes in Magnetophotonic Composite Media. Magnetophotonics Material Medium Larisa V. Cherkesova, George N. Shalamov, Alexander A. Shelud’ko,  Boris A. Akishin, Vitaly M. Porksheyan, Irina S. Trubchik
Experimetnal research of PD/NOMA Yakov V. Kryukov, Dmitriy A. Pokamestov, Eugeniy V. Rogozhnikov, Anatoliy Ya. Demidov, Yulia S. Gromova
Flexible Dynamical Control of Bandwidth Resources and Quality of Functioning/Services for 5G Heterogeneous Communications Using Universal Network Virtual Slicing Models Vera G. Drozdova, Alexander B. Markhasin
High Stability Microwave Radiometer Anton V. Ubaichin,  Gregory G. Zhuk,  Tilekbek Abdirasul uulu.
Mathematical Model and Heuristic Methods for Solving the Multi-criteria Scheduling Problems Igor R. Zhdanov, Olesya A. Bubareva
Microstrip diplexer implemented on high-pass and low-pass filters
Denis A. Letavin 
Multi-element film microwave load Gleb G. Savenkov
Ontologу Integration in Complex Information Systems with Distributed Architecture Olesya A. Bubareva
Orthogonal Multiple Chirp Modulation for Tasks of Robust Data Transmission Pavel I. Puzyrev, Vadim. Y. Shein, Viktor V. Erohin
Problems of neural networks training Grigory А. Fofanov
Processing of signals with orthogonal frequency multiplexing and spread spectrum at low signal-to-noise ratios Eugeniy V. Rogozhnikov, Yakov V. Kryukov,  Dmitriy A. Pokamestov
Quantitative Measure Of Phase Noise Assessment For Quartz Oscillators Pavel V. Sak, Galina V. Nikonova, Aleksandr V. Nikonov, Aleksey O. Minin
Quasistatic Simulation of Ultrashort Pulse Propagation in the Spacecraft Autonomous Navigation System Power Circuit with Modal Reservation Pavel E. Orlov, Artem V. Medvedev, Vitaliy R. Sharafutdinov
Research of the noise immunity when using the fractional frequency reuse in the mobile satellite service Maxim S.Krasikov, Vladimir I.Nosov
SCMA codebooks generation for transmission on an arbitrary subcarriers number Dmitriy A. Pokamestov, Yakov V. Kryukov, Eugeniy V. Rogozhnikov, 
Anatoliy Ya. Demidov, Renat R. Abenov 
Security Checking Experiments with Mobile Services Anton D. Ermakov, Svetlana A. Prokopenko, Nina V. Yevtushenko
Simulation and Comparative Analysis of Packet Delivery in Flying Ad Hoc Network (FANET) using AODV Alexey V. Leonov, George A. Litvinov, Evgeny V. Shcherba
Simulation-Based Packet Delivery Performance Evaluation with Different Parameters in Flying Ad-Hoc Network (FANET) Using OLSR Alexey V. Leonov, George A. Litvinov, Dmitry A. Korneev
Spatial Interpolation of LTE measurements for Minimization of Drive Tests Ruslan V. Akhpashev, Vera G. Drozdova
Spectral Method of Synthesis of Geometric Models of Surface-Distributed Objects Vadim V. Artyushenko, Aleksey V. Kiselev, Andrey V. Nikulin, Maksim A. Stepanov
Spurious-Free Dynamic Range of CORDIC Based Digital Quadrature Demodulator Pavel I. Puzyrev, Kirill V. Semenov, Sergey A. Zavyalov
Testing digital circuits: studying the increment of the number of states and estimating the fault coverage Evgenii Vinarskii, Andrey Laputenko, Jorge López, Natalia Kushik
Testing Microcontroller Based Physical Systems Using Finite Transition Models Andrey V. Laputenko, Timofey D. Petukhov, Nikolai A. Vasnev
The Analytical Dependence Of The Range From The Angular Position Of The Line-Of-Sight For An Object Represented As Several Planes Vadim A. Artyushenko
The Complementary Buffer Amplifiers with Low Static Current Consumption for Low-Voltage Analog Microcircuits Alexey A. Zhuk, Anna V. Bugakova, Elena V. Ovsepyan, Nadezhda A. Dmitriyenko
The Differentiating Correction Circuits in Complementary Buffer Amplifiers Nikolay N. Prokopenko, Anna V. Bugakova, Andrey А. Ignashyn Elena V. Ovsepian
The Modified  Dual-Frequency Dipole Antenna Sergey Aleksandrovich Alekseitsev, Anatoly Petrovich Gorbachev
The Problem of Biometric Identification of a Subject and Subject’s Changed State: Perspectives of New Features Application in Analysis of Face and Neck Thermograms Samal S. Zhumazhanova
Use of Genetic Algorithm and Evolution Strategy when Revealing the Worst Case Effects of Crosstalk Propagation in PCB Bus of Spacecraft Autonomous Navigation System Ruslan R. Gazizov, Alexander M. Zabolotsky, Rustam R. Gazizov
Wideband double-balanced active mixer based on Gilbert cell with integrated baluns in SiGe BiCMOS 130nm technology Konstantin V. Murasov, Sergey A. Zavyalov, Anatoly V. Kosykh, Rodion R. Fakhrutdinov, Zhanat B. Sadykov, Ruslan A. Wolf

Section 3. Sonic and Ultrasonic Devices: Physics, Electronics, Application.

Apparatus for ultrasonic drying of disperse materials Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Sergey S. Zorin, Viktor A. Nesterov
Application of Discrete-Phase Model For Gas-Cleaning Efficiency Calculation Vladimir N. Khmelev, A.V. Shalunov, R.N. Golykh, V.S. Klepov, A.A. Deriglazov, V.E. Bazhin
Development of power circuit of the ultrasonic generator with low-voltage power supply Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman V. Barsukov, Dmitry V. Genne, Evgeniy V. Ilchenko
Experimental Researches of Process of Trapping of Particles by Centrifugal-acoustic Gas-cleaning Equipment Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov, Andrey V. Shalunov
Experimental study of the process of low-temperature drying of waste wood by the application of ultrasonic fields Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Sergey S. Zorin, Viktor A. Nesterov
Features Of Designing Of A Specialized High-Frequency Ultrasonic Sprayer Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov, Dmitriy V. Genne, Andrey V. Shalunov
Hydro-acoustic communication channel in the underground pipeline Dzhamilya A. Maltseva, Valery A. Zibrov, Aleksey G. Iliev
Improving the performance of the processes in the systems "gas-liquid" methods of high-intensity ultrasonic effects Vladimir V. Khmelev, Roman N. Golykh, Galina A. Bobrova, Andrey V. Shalunov, Viktor A. Nesterov, Vladislav A. Shakura
Increasing Of Efficiency Of Ultrasonic Vibration System Work For Cavitation Treating Of Liquid Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov,  Andrey V. Shalunov,  Sergey N. Tsyganok, Alexey N. Slivin
Increasing Of Uniformity Of Amplitude Of Vibrations Of Anisotropic Ultrasonic Disk Radiators For Gaseous Media Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov, Andrey V. Shalunov
Intensification of extraction process of dehydroquercetin from waste wood under ultrasonic action Elena V. Averyanova, Marina N. Shkolnikova, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Vladislav A. Shakura
Measuring instrument of impedance characteristics of the ultrasonic vibrating systems Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman V. Barsukov, Dmitry V. Genne, Evgeniy V. Ilchenko
Radiation Pattern of Ultrasonic Transducer with Polymer-Powder Matching Layer Marsel Fazlyyyakhmatov
Radiators for Forming of High-Intensive Ultrasonic Vibrations In Gaseous Media Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov, Andrey V. Shalunov
Realization of results of laboratory researches in industrial scales Vladimir N. Khmelev, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Roman N. Golykh, Yu. M. Kuzovnikov, Viktor A. Nesterov
Research of the Process of Ultrasonic Dispersing on the Example of Brown Coal and Peat Vladimir N. Khmelev, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Vladislav A. Shakura, Yuri M. Kuzovnikov, Denis S. Abramenko, Vladimir M. Kopanitsyn
Spray shape formation at ultrasonic spraying process Vladimir N. Khmelev, Dmitry V. Genne, Andrey V. Shalunov, Viktor A. Nesterov
The modeling of ultrasonic cavitation depolymerization causing reducing of polymer viscosity Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman N. Golykh, Galina A. Bobrova, Vladislav A. Shakura, Evgeniy V. Ilchenko
The study of regularities of ultrasonic coagulation of two-phase aerosol in gas flow Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Viktor A. Nesterov
The system of frequency matching of the ultrasonic generators with the radiators in “Bulava” apparatuses Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman V. Barsukov, Eugeniy V. Ilchenko
The Two-Channel Instrumental Amplifier Based on a New Radiation-Hardened Microcircuit MH2XA010-03 for Reading Signals of Differential Piezoelectric Converters Oleg V. Dvornikov, Valentin L. Dziatlau, Vladimir А. Tchekhovski, Nikolay N. Prokopenko, Arthur I. Gulin, Anna V. Bugakova
The ultrasonic device and the positioning system of the welding tool for welding of automobile bumpers Vladimir N. Khmelev, Alexey N. Slivin, Alexey D. Abramov, Viktor A. Nesterov, Dmitry V. Genne
Ultrasonic devices for aluminum melt processing Vladimir N. Khmelev, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Viktor A. Nesterov, Denis S. Abramenko, Mikhail E. Chigurov
Ultrasonic Disk Radiators at High Temperatures Vladimir N. Khmelev, Viktor A. Nesterov, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Alexey А. Nesterov

Section 4. Optoelectronic Devices and Systems: Physics, Electronics, Application.

Adaptation of the High-Speed Multipoint Electro-optical System for Determining of Flame Spatial Coordinates at the Object of the Specified Form Sergey A. Lisakov, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin, Gennady V. Leonov, Andrey I. Kin, Alexey Yu. Sidorenko
Development and research of MOPA system laboratory model Nikolai A. Vasnev, Vasiliy V. Vlasov, Maxim V. Trigub
Digital control circuit for synchronization of two metal vapor lasers. Development and application. Nikolai A. Vasnev, Valeriya V. Taratushkina, Maxim V. Trigub
Experimental determination of response time for multipoint electro-optical system of flame detection and determination of its spatial coordinates Sergey A. Lisakov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Andrey. N. Pavlov, Gennadiy V. Leonov, Eugene V. Sypin
Experimental Investigation of Nonstationary Combustion for Propane-Air Mixture in Pipe with Ring Partitions Sergey A. Lisakov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Andrey. N. Pavlov, Yury A. Galenko, Eugene V. Sypin
Experimental study on verification of the flame spatial coordinates determining adequacy by multipoint electro-Optical System Sergey A. Lisakov, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin, Gennady V. Leonov, Vyacheslav A. Shadrin
Modeling of Concentration Electro-optical Sensors for Gas and Coal Dust in Multi-criterial Electro-optical Device for Control of the Emergency and Pre-emergency Situations in Coal Mines Sergey A. Lisakov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Ivan S. Zorin, Eugene V. Sypin
Modeling of the nonstationary combustion process of methane-air mixture in coal mines Sergey A. Lisakov, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin, Yuri A. Galenko
Optic-Electronic Processing of Images Sergei S. Ovchinnikov, Mikhail F. Noskov
Semiconductor power supply for capacitance copper bromide active filters Pavel P. Gugin, Maxim V. Trigub
Study of High-Frequency Brightness Amplifi-ers Radial Profile Ilya S. Musorov, Anton E. Kulagin, Stanislav N. Torgaev, Daria S. Torgaeva, Maxim L. Gromov

Section 5. Power Electronics and Power Engineering.

Aircraft Control System Immunity Study at the Direct Lightning Strike Igor V. Artemiev, Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev
An Analysis of Input and Output THD Factors of Matrix Converter Evgeny D. Baranov, Vladimir I. Popov
Analysis of the Modern State of Power Converters for Wind Turbine Systems Alexander G. Volkov, Dmitry A. Shtein, Maksim A. Zharkov
Analysis Of Thyristors Operation In Longitudinal Compensation Devices For Distribution Networks Dmitry I. Panfilov, Michail I. Petrov, Pavel A. Rashitov, Michail G. Astashev, Alexander N. Rozhkov
Base switch element for high-power high-voltage converters Igor P. Voronin, Elena M. Dukhnich
Buck DC-DC Converter With Neural Network Sawtooth-similar Carrier Signal Generator Miroslav V. Martinovich, Ilya V. Zaev, Maxim A. Khoroshev, Vadim E. Sidorov, Irina A. Belova, Vladimir A. Skolota
Calculation of Hybrid Bus Power Demands by Standard Driving Cycles Alexander A. Shtang, Mikhail V. Yaroslavtsev, Wu Xiaogang, Sergei I. Dedov
Calculation of the Voltage Inverter Parameters in the Starter-Generator System of the Aircraft Regina Yu. Dubkova, Ilya S. Dubkov, Maksim A. Zharkov, Sergey V. Klassen
DC/DC Boost Converter with Additional  Inductance for the Space Power Supply System Andrei V. Geist, Andrey V. Sidorov,  Dmitry V. Korobkov, Alexander G. Volkov
Design Rules of the DC-DC Voltage Converter with the Two-Loop Feedback System Roman L. Gorbunov, Ivan V. Alexandrov, Sofya V. Zavodina, Nikita A. Sevostyanov
Development of a mathematical model of variable-voltage variable-frequency aircrafts electric power system
Maxim A. Khoroshev, Ilya V. Zaev, Denis V. Makarov, Vadim E. Sidorov
Evaluation of electrical parameters in the system "Syncronous generator with permanent magnets  - active rectifier" Sergey A. Kharitonov, Andrey S. Kharitonov, Petr A. Bachurin
Fault Symptom Diagnostics for Coupling Capacitors using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Vadim Z. Manusov,  Dmitry V. Orlov, Javod S. A
Hybrid Microgrid in Islanded Operation Mood Mojtaba Abbasi, Alexander G  Garganeev
Increasing the Length of Trolleybus Contact Line Sections by Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Posts Yaroslavtsev M. V.
Load Leveling for a Diesel Generator Using an Energy Storage and Instantaneous Power Theory Maksim A. Dybko, Sergey V. Kuchak, Petr A. Bachurin, Sergey V. Brovanov, Sergey A. Kharitonov
Mathematical Analysis of the Multiport Converter Operation Algorithm Vadim E. Sidorov, Dmitry A. Stein, Dmitry V. Korobkov, Ilya V. Zaev, Maxim A. Khoroshev
Mathematical models for analysis of electromagnetic processes in thyristor circuits of AC voltage regulators Aleksey V. Udovichenko, Evgeny V. Grishanov, Sergey V. Brovanov, Maxim A. Dybko
Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods for the Solar Battery Irina A. Belova, Miroslav V. Martinovich, Vladimir A. Skolota, IlyaV. Zaev
Modernization of the Weinberg’s Converter for the Implementation of a Charge-Discharge Device in the Power Supply System of a Spacecraft Yuriy A. Shinyakov, Valery D. Semyonov, Maxim P. Sukhorukov, Dmitriy Li, Danila B. Borodin, Vagiz A. Kabirov
New Approach for Thyristors Switched Capacitors Design for Static VAR Compensator Systems Dmitry I. Panfilov,  Ahmed E. ElGebaly,  Michael G. Astashev, Alexander N. Rozhkov
PWM on the Basis of Different Configurations of Reference Signals for a Multilevel Converter on H-Bridge Vladimir S. Meshalkin, Dmitry B. Kuguchev, Abilmansur R. Mansur
Research and Development of Resonant Converter for High-Voltage Spacecraft Power Supply Systems with Accumulator Battery Mariya M. Chernaya, Yuriy A. Shinyakov, Evgeniy V. Yaroslavtsev, Evgeniy Yu. Burkin
Research on Cross-Regional Interaction in Converter- dominated Distribution Grids T. Jiang, U. Rädel, J.Willkomm, Oleg V. Nos, S. Schlegel, D. Westermann
Short-Term Electricity Consumption Forecast in Siberia IPS Using Climate Aspects Anastasiya Rusina, Tamara Filippova, Anton Kalinin, Nikita Terlyga
Spectral Mathematical Model of AC-AC Converter Dmitry B. Kuguchev, Vladimir S. Meshalkin, Abilmansur R. Mansurov
Step-by-step design of the digital closed loop system of the Boost voltage converter Nikita A. Sevostyanov, Ivan V. Alexandrov, Roman L. Gorbunov, Denis V. Makarov
Step-by-step design of two-loop control system for Boost DC-DC converter Ivan V. Aleksandrov, Nikita A. Sevostyanov,  Roman L. Gorbunov
Study of a Dual-Loop Subordinate Control System for a DC-DC Converter with Galvanic Isolation Sergey V. Klassen, Tatiana S. Klassen, Dmitry A. Shtein, Alexander G. Volkov, Regina Yu. Dubkova, Sergey V. Luft.
SVPWM Capacitor Balancing Method for Single-Phase Three-Level NPC Impedance-Source Inverters Tatiana E. Shults, Alena S. Filatova, Maxim A. Dybko, Oleksandr O. Husev
The Regulation, Protection and Control System for Magnetoelectric Generator with Combined Excitation Maxim V. Balagurov, Petr A. Bachurin, Abilmansur R. Mansurov,  Dmitry B. Kuguchev, Vladimir S. Meshalkin, Valery Y. Surov.
Three Phase AC Voltage Cuk Regulator with Galvanic Isolation Sidorov A.V.

Section 6. Medical Electronics.

Automated System for Bioimpedance Measuring Pavel E. Golubkov, Ekaterina A. Pecherskaya, Oleg V. Karpanin, Kseniya Y. Kraynova,  Dmitriy V. Artamonov, Yuliya V. Shepeleva
Characterization of Electrochemical Aptasensor for Lung Cancer Tumor Marker Determination Anastasiia V. Shabalina
Comparative Analysis of Acoustic voice recordings of the database Saarbruecken Voice Darya V. Borovikova,  Vladimir K. Makukha, Tatiana A. Shevchenko,
Luminescence of Acupuncture Point in Darkened Area Under Optical Pulse Excitation of Adjoining Areas of Investigated Meridian Leonid G. Navrotsky, Liliya I. Lisitsyna, Alexander A. Blokhin, Alexander E. Kamardin, Svetlana V. Belavskaya, Elena L. Poteryaeva
Section 7. Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation.

About One Approach to the Characteristics Assessment of the Wave Solid-state Gyroscope Olga S. Khalyutina, Sergey P. Khalyutin, Vitaliy P. Khar’kov
Analysis of electromagnetic processes in the induction channel unit V.N. Timofeev, S.V. Kurnaeva, M.Yu. Khatsayuk, N.S. Bugaeva
Analysis of impact interaction of forces impulses in an electromechanical vibratory system with electromagnetic excitation Lyudmila A. Neyman, Vladimir Yu. Neyman, Andrei S. Shabanov
Bidirectional DC-DC conversion device usage in tram D. P. Vislogusov, A. V. Kulekina
Comparative analysis of measures to improve the quality of electricity in metro Andrey A. Petrov, Nicolay I. Schurov
Control Techniques for Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Converter with Faulty Power Cells Oleg V. Nos, Ekaterina E. Abramushkina
Current Rate Changing Analysis S.М. Kuznetsov, B.V. Malozyomov, A.V. Kulekina, E.G. Langeman, K.C. Akberov
Development and Testing of Plasma-Thermal Electric Furnace for Organic Waste Processing Anatoly S. Anshakov, Pavel V. Domarov, Andrey E. Urbakh, and Valentin A. Faleev
Development Of A Power Controller For An Induction Crucible Furnace Of Industrial  Frequency For Melting Magnesium Fedin Maxim Andreevich, Kuvaldin Alexander Borisovich,Kuleshov Aleksey Olegovich, Zhmurko Ivan Evgenievich, Korolev Ilya Viktorovich, Polyakov Oleg Aleksandrovich
Digital Filtration-based Power Distribution between Windings of Traction Transformers Pavel V. Morozov, Yury V. Morozov
Energetic Parameters of Inductors for Induction Heating of Internal Cylindrical Surfaces Alexander I. Aliferov, Roman A. Bikeev, Alexander A. Meleshko,  Anton V. Knyazev, Sergio Lupi
Energy efficient traction electrotechnical complex at various voltages of power sources Daria Strelnikova, Valentin Sopov, Oksana Marmuleva
Evaluation of two-sided feed scheme efficiency for tram traction network in Novosibirsk Evgeniy Yrievich Abramov, Andrey Аleksandrovich Petrov, Yuri Vadimovich Panchenko
Hysteresis Clutch in the Electric drive of Pipeline Valves A. G. Garganeev, D. K. Kyui, E. I. Kashin, N. Yu. Sipaylova
Improving the Idea of Development of the Single-Phase AC Rectifier with the High Power Factor Vladlen V. Ivanov, Sergey V. Myatezh, Tatyana V. Myatezh
Increase of Flux Probable Paths Method Accuracy in Design of a Magnetic System With a Teeth-Slot Zone Olga V. Rogova, Vladimir Yu. Neyman
Induction heating with rotating permanent magnets: experimental results on an industrial installation F.Dughiero, M. Forzan, S. Lupi, M. Zerbetto
Methods of Energy Efficiency Evaluation for Output Voltage of the Single-phase Controlled Rectifier Vladlen V. Ivanov, Sergey V.Myatezh, Evelina G. Langeman, Andrei V. Kapustin, Irina K. Alekseeva
MHD steering of aluminum melt in cylindrical bath by means of permanent magnets system. Aleksandr I. Aliferov, David S. Vlasov, Vladislav A. Promzelev, Andrey E. Morev
Off-Line Legged Robot With Cross-Country Capacity Nikita A. Gulyaev, Ekaterina V. Kazanceva, Vladislav Y. Shvetsov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Eugene V. Sypin
On the Issue of the Arc Steelmaking Furnaces Operating Mode Stability at the Beginning of Melting Anatoliy M. Kruchinin, Mikhail Ya. Pogrebisskiy, Andrey S. Bulgakov, Andrey Yu. Chursin, Elena S. Ryazanova
Optimization of vibratory source electromagnetic drive operating process Boris F. Simonov, Vladimir Yu. Neyman, Aleksey O. Kordubailo  
Simulation Modeling Of The Internal Combustion Engine Starting System Using A Supercapacitor Battery B.V. Malozyomov, A.V. Myatezh, M.A. Smirnov
Structural Analysis of Vehicle’s Hybrid Power System Based on Fuel Cell K. Kulikov, N. Shchurov, E. Langeman
Synthesis of Full Order Observer by Akkermann formula Kucher Ekaterina S.
The Basic Factors on Development of the Drive Control Subsystem for the Special Purpose Mobile Robot Named Geokhod Irina Yu. Semykina,  Aleksandr N. Ermakov, Aleksandr V. Grigoryev, Ivan V. Chicherin, Vladimir V. Aksenov
The Comparative Analysis of the Maximum Slew Rate of the Output Voltage BJT and CMOS (SiGe TSMС 0.35μ) Operational Amplifiers Nikolay N. Prokopenko,  Nikolay V. Butyrlagin, Anna V. Bugakova
The Concept of Multiparameter Protection of System Elements Construction's «Traction Substation - Electric Traction Network - Electric Rolling Stock S.М. Kuznetsov, B.V. Malozyomov, A.V. Kulekina
The Non-Linear Differentiating Circuits of Correction of Transient Process in Differential Operational Amplifiers Nikolay N. Prokopenko, 
Anna V. Bugakova, 
Aleksandr I. Serebryakov 
The Participants’ Work Checking Subsystem of The Remote Technological Competitions  in Robotics Anastasija A. Fokina, Nadezhda Y. Tupikina, Eugene V. Sypin
The processes of energy transformation in a two-coil synchronous electromagnetic shock machine Lyudmila А. Neyman, Vladimir Y. Neyman, Alexei V. Markov
The Robot System For Remote Robotics Hackathon Aleksey.A. Korchagin, Anton I. Sidorenko, Eugene V. Sypin
Virtual device for processing the signals from MEMS pressure sensors Alina M. Esimkhanova, Galina V. Nikonova

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