18th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices
June 29 - July 3, 2017
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Уважаемые участники! 

Список принятых статей конференции EDM2017:

1. Semiconductor Physics and Technology. Photovoltaics

1 Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on the X-band Microwave Absorption of Multiwalled Carbon Nanocomposite

Olga A. Dotsenko and Anastasia O. Kachusova

2 Investigation of the Cyclotron Resonance in a Semiconductor Film Having Cubic Structure

Aleksey G. Moiseev, Yakov S. Greenberg, Nurgali Z. Altynbekov, Yan Z. Ososkov

3 Determination’s Principles of Critical Concentration of Mobile Charges in the Oxide and Geometrical Configuration of Heterogeneous Surface Transfer Transistor Gate Matrix of Photodetector

Anna M. Nogovicyna, Gennady V. Perov

4 Features of Photoconductivity of PbSnTe:In Films Under the Variable Illumination

Aleksey N. Akimov, Denis V. Ishchenko, Alexander E. Klimov, Nikolai S. Paschin, Artem N. Papantonopulo, Valentina N. Sherstyakova

5 Influence of AIIIBV substrate morphology on congruent temperature under Langmuir evaporation conditions

Anna A. Spirina, Alla G. Nastovjak, Nataliya L. Shwartz

6 The Conductivity Switch Effect in PbSnTe:In Thin Films

Aleksey N. Akimov, Vladimir S. Epov, Alexander E. Klimov

7 Planar Barrier Structures Based on Thin Films of Pb1-xSnxTe:In for the Far IR Photodetector: Preparation and Properties

Aleksey N. Akimov, Denis V. Ishchenko, Alexander E. Klimov, Nikolai S. Paschin, Andrej S. Tarasov, Valentina N. Sherstyakova

2. Radio and Microwave Technology. Computer Science and Telecommunications.

1 Architecture of Multithreaded Network Scanner

Anton V. Arzhakov, Dmitry S. Silnov

2 Experimental Confirmation of the Modal Filtration in Four- and Five-conductor Microstrip Lines

Anton O. Belousov, Alexander M. Zabolotsky, Timur T. Gazizov

3 Research of a Possibility of Resonator Diagnostics of Thin Filamentary Objects in a Low Part of the Terahertz Frequency Band

Vitaly V. Bessonov, Kirill V. Dorozhkin, Igor О. Dorofeev

4 Quasistatic and Electromagnetic Simulation of Interconnects of Printed Circuit Boards with Modal Reservation

Pavel E. Orlov, Evgeniy N. Buichkin

5 Some aspects of layout design of quadrature mixers

A.V. Kosykh, S.А. Zavyalov, R.А. Wolf, R.R. Fakhrutdinov, К.V. Murasov

6 Software Implementation of the Method of Synthesis of Broadband Matching Devices with Linear Phase

Dmitry I. Volkhin, Gennady N. Devyatkov

7 Influence of Ultrashort Pulse Duration on Its Peak Values Localization in PCB of Spacecraft Autonomous Navigation System

Ruslan R. Gazizov, Alexander M. Zabolotsky, Timur T. Gazizov, Anton O. Belousov

8 Study of the Intentional Influence Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses on Electronic Equipment Aircraft 

Rustam R. GaynutdinovSergey F. Chermoshentsev

9 HTS Microwave Power Limiter Based on Microstrip Quarter-Wave Resonators

Ilya V. Govorun, Aleksandr A. Leksikov

10 Investigation of Gibbs Fields Modeling Procedures Convergence

Anna Yu. Zaitseva, Irina A. Denisenko

11 Checking Software Security Using EFSMs

Anton D. Ermakov, Svetlana A. Prokopenko, Nina V. Yevtushenko

12 Possibilities of a Two-Point Model, Radiating Correlated Signals

Alexey V. Kiselev, Timur I. Sabitov, Maxim A. Stepanov

13 The Capacity Estimation of Real Selective Chains under the Influence of PSK-n-signals 

Ilya M. Lerner, German I. Il’in, Sergey M. Chernyavskii

14 Miniature Branch-Line Coupler Structure Analysis

Denis A. Letavin

15 Study of the Compact Structure of Quadrature Phase Inverter

Denis A. Letavin

16 Compact Bandpass Filter with Microstrip Resonators

Denis A. Letavin

17 High-Pass Filters with Round Spiral Resonators and Interdigitated Capacitors

Denis A. Letavin

18 Study and Implementation of Authentication Mechanism by RADIUS-server in Switches and Routers Using NETCONF Protocol

Aleksandr E. Maslov, Sergei L. Katuntsev, Aleksandr A. Maliavko

19 The Algorithm for Calculating Reflecting Signal Power Characteristics Based on Terrain Digital Map

Alexey V. Kisevel, Andrey V. Nikulin, Vadim A. Artyushenko

20 Delay Line Protecting against Ultrashort Pulses with Increased Duration

Alexander V. Nosov, Roman S. Surovtsev, Timur T. Gazizov

21 The Method for Increasing the Accuracy of Time Shift Estimation for OFDM Signals

Eugeniy V. Rogozhnikov

22 Transfer of Technologies of Operation of the Central Processor with Flows on Operation of the dataful Computer on the example of Teplopunkt's Operation

Rybakova, D., Sygynganova I.K., Kumargazhanova S., Baklanov A.E., Shvets O.Y.

23 Two-Point Model Composed of Radiators of Correlated Signals

Alexey V. Kiselev, Timur I. Sabitov, Maxim A. Stepanov

24 Microwave Attenuator

Michael G. Rubanovich, Vladimir P. Razinkin, Vladimir A. Khrustalyov, Alexey A. Stolyarenko, Pavel G. Bogomolov, Yuri V. Vostryakov

25 Unstable Object Parameters Estimation with One Input and Two Outputs in Automatic Control System 

Galina V. Troshina, Alexander A. Voevoda, Kurbonmurod Bobobekov

26 Integrated Low Noise Amplifiers for Cryogenic Applications

Anton A. Cherepanov, Vladislav Yu. Vasilyev (Vassiliev)

27 Study Electromagnetic Disturbance in the Coupling Path of Aircraft at Interaction Microsecond  Electromagnetic Pulses

Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev

28 Using Models of Finite Transition Systems for Checking Web-service Security

Anton V. Kolomeets, Natalia V. Shabaldina, Ekaterina V. Darusenkova, Nina V. Yevtushenko

29 Electrodynamic Characteristics of Periodic Nonlinear Composite Structures Based on Opal Matrices and Carbon Nanostructures with Ferromagnetic Inclusions

Dmitry A. Bezuglov, Marina Yu. Zvezdina, Gennady P. Sinyavsky, Larissa V. Cherkesova, George N. Shalamov, Yuliya A. Shokova

30 Terahertz Electronics of XXI–st Century on the Base of Ultraharmonic Resonance Circuits on the Magnetooptical Nanostructures

Pavel A. Churilov, Boris A. Akishin, Vitaly M. Porksheyan, Larissa V. Cherckesova, Irina S. Trubchik, Georgy N. Shalamov

31 Cross-platform Software and Hardware Solutions for the Problems of Analysis and Multi-Objective Optimization of the UL Throughput in LTE Networks

Ruslan V. Akhpashev, Vera G. Drozdova, Andrey V. Andreev, Gregory G. Patrushev

32 An Optimal Algorithm for the Discrimination of Multi-Element Information Signals in non-Gaussian CDMA Channels

Vladislav V. Kadushkin, Rashid R. Faizullin, Ilya M. Lerner

33 On the Fault Coverage of High-level Test Derivation Methods for Digital Circuits

Jorge López, Evgeny Vinarsky, Andrey Laputenko

34 Routing Efficiency Evaluation with SDN Solutions Integration in the Data Network

Gregory G. Patrushev, Vera G. Drozdova

35 Increasing the Attractiveness of False Objects of Attack on the Web-servers

Ivan U. Shumakov, Sergei S. Troitskiy, Dmitry S. Silnov

36 Film Microwave Loads of a Circle Sector Shape 

Gleb G. Savenkov, Vladimir P. Razinkin, Michail G. Rubanovich

37 Digital Potentiometers in the Tasks of Settings Precision Analog RC-filters Taking into Account the Tolerances for Passive Components

Darya Yu. Denisenko, Yuriy Iv. Ivanov, Nikolai N. Prokopenko,  Nadezhda A. Dmitrienko

38 New method of spectrum sharing by different communication systems

Ilya N. Kornilov

3. Sonic and Ultrasonic Devices: Physics, Electronics, Application

1 Development of Semi-automated Lines for Welding of Polymer Film with Simultaneous Cutting Down with Using of Ultrasound

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Alexey N. Slivin, Alexey D. Abramov, Dmitriy V. Genne, Viktor A. Nesterov

2 Determination of Optimum Construction of the Ultrasonic Radiator for Cavitation-Acoustic Intensification of the Absorption Processes by Mathematical and Computer Modeling Methods

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman N. Golykh, Andrey V. Shalunov, Galina A. Bobrova, Ilya S. Kozhevnikov, Sergey S. Zorin

3 Theoretical Determination of Treating Modes Providing the Formation of High-Disperse Aerosol at Two-Stage Ultrasonic Atomization

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Roman S. Dorovskikh, Viktor A. Nesterov

4 The Choice of Method of Construction and the Hard Core of the Active Noise Reduction System for Room

Ivan S. Zorin, Sergey A. Terentiev, Eugene V. Sypin

5 Pre-processing Voice Signals for Voice Recognition Systems

Gulmira K. Berdibaeva, Oleg N. Bodin, Valery V. Kozlov, Dmitry I. Nefed'ev, Kasymbek A. Ozhikenov, Yaroslav A. Pizhonkov

6 Stand for Controlling of Quality of Weld Producing at Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastic Materials

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Alexey N. Slivin, Alexey D. Abramov

7 Efficiency Increase of the Ultrasonic Emitter Designed for Dust Coagulation in Ash Collecting Units

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman V. Barsukov, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Victor A. Nesterov, Dmitriy V. Genne, Evgeniy V. Ilchenko

8 Research of Process of Extraction of Biologically Active Substances (BAS) from Plant Raw Materials in the Conditions of Ultrasonic Extraction

Elena V. Averyanova, Vladimir N. Khmelev, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Vladislav A. Shakura

9 Study of the Influence of the Anisotropy of the Mechanical Properties of the Material on the Distribution of Ultrasonic Vibrations Disk Radiators

Vladimir V. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Viktor A. Nesterov, Roman S. Dorovskikh, Roman N. Golykh,  Galina A. Bobrova

10 Acoustic Structural Monitoring of Pipelines

Valery A. Zibrov, Dzhamilya A. Maltseva

11 Determination of Requirements and Development of Experimental Setup for Studying of Ultrasonic Absorption Intensification

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman N. Golykh, Viktor A. Nesterov, Dmitry V. Genne, Maxim V. Khmelev

12 Research of Ultrasonic Dimensional Processing of Cermet

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Aleksey N. Slivin, Vladislav A. Shakura, Sergey S. Zorin

13 Multi-spot Ultrasonic Welding of the Articles Made of Thermoplastic Materials

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Alexey N. Slivin, Alexey D. Abramov

14 Ultrasonic Drying of Textile Materials

Mariya K. Kosheleva,   Roman N. Golykh, Tatyana A. Novikova, Roman S. Dorovskikh, Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov

15 Investigation of the Influence of Secondary Vibration Modes in the Uniformity of the Working Ring Disk Mode Ultrasonic Radiators

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman N. Golykh, Roman S. Dorovskikh, Viktor A. Nesterov, Galina A. Bobrova

16 Ultrasonic Coagulation for Increase of Efficiency of Gas Cleaning Systems

Vladimir N. Khmelev, Andrey V. Shalunov, Roman S. Dorovskikh, Viktor A. Nesterov, Roman N. Golykh, Ilya S. Kozhevnikov

4. Optoelectronic Devices and Systems: Physics, Electronics, Application

1 System of Automated Measurement of Electromagnetic Response of Anisotropic Materials in Quasi-Optical Beams

Aleksandr V. Badin, Aleksandr I. Berdyugin, Vasilii Y. Vigovskii, Grigorii E. Dunaevskii

2 Active Optical System with a Long-Pulse CuBr Brighntess Amplifier

Maxim V. Trigub, Vasiliy V. Vlasov, Gennady S. Evtushenko, Valeriya V. Taratushkina

3 Study of Illumination Properties of High-Power LEDs in Various Temperature Conditions

Yegor A. Grigoryev, Vladimir M. Sayun , Svetlana V. Grigoryeva, Dmitry N. Titov

4 Optical Properties of Vanadium and Nitrogen Doped 4H and 6H-SiC

Zhiming Huang, Jingguo Huang, Yanqing Gao, Yury M. Andreev, Dmitry M. Ezhov, Valery A. Svetlichnyi

5 Analysis of Research Methods of Electro-Physical Properties of Transparent Conducting ATO Coatings Received by Spray Pyrolysis

Timur O. Zinchenko, Yekaterina A. Pecherskaya, Vladislav I. Kondrashin, Aleksandr S. Kozlyakov, Yuliya V. Shepeleva

6 Determining the Optimal Number of Channels and Their Selection of Wavelengths for High Speed Optical-Electronic Device for Detection of a Fire, on the Basis of Spectral Pyrometry 

Marina N. Zyryanova, Eugene V. Sypin

7 Automatic Parameters Adjustment of LDA Signals Detection System

Anton V. Klimov, Vitaly V. Rakhmanov, Igor V. Shchepikhin

8 Modeling of Flame Radiation at Burning of Methane-air Mixtures at Initial Stage of Development

Sergey A. Lisakov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin,Gennady V. Leonov

9 Transfer Functions of the Focal Plane Arrays Linearization

Nikita I. Lysenko, Vladimir G. Polovinkin

10 High Frequency CuBr Vapor Brightness Amplifier

Ilya S. Musorov, Stanislav N. Torgaev, Gennadii S. Evtushenko, Anton E. Kulagin, Tatiana G. Evtushenko

11 Stimulated Emission on Sodium D-lines using Broadband Optical Pumping

Timofey D. Petukhov, Gennadiy S. Evtushenko, Stanislav N. Torgaev, Evgeny N. Tel'minov

12 Prospects for the Development of Multicriterion Electro-Optical System for Alarm and Pre-Emergency Situations Control in a Coal Mine

Anton I. Sidorenko, Sergey A. Lisakov, Eugene V. Sypin

13 Virtual Testing of Electro-optical Systems for Measuring Angles by Using Computer Simulation Model 

Lev N. Sidorov, Evgenij V. Gritskevich, Polina A. Zvyagintseva

14 The Energy Submodel for the Optical-Electronic Device of Two Spectral Ratios

Nadezhda Y. Tupikina, Eugene V. Sypin

15 Development of Movement Control Algorithm along Predetermined Trajectory for Fire Robot Based on the Quadcopter 

Vyacheslav A. Shadrin, Sergey A. Lisakov, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin

16 Optic-Electronic Processing of Ball Elements Images

Kristina A. Suvilova, Anastasiya I. Polezhaeva, Mikhail F. Noskov, Vasiliy I. Tatarnikov, Mikhail G. Rubanovich, Vladimir P. Razinkin

17 Determination of Control Points Quantity and Their Location in Protected Object for High-Speed Multipoint Electro-optical System for Fire Detection and Determine its Spatial Coordinates

Sergey A. Lisakov, Andrey N. Pavlov, Eugene V. Sypin, Gennady V. Leonov

18 Determine Optimal Spectrum Flame Radiation Control Use of Compensation Methods of Optical Noise Suppression

Sergey A. Lisakov, Anton I. Sidorenko, Andrey. N. Pavlov, Gennady. V. Leonov, Eugene V. Sypin

19 Automation of Calculation and Design of the Optical-Electronic Devices for the Fires Detection 

Nadezhda Y. Tupikina, Eugene V. Sypin, Anastasija Yu. Arhipova

20 Measuring of the Irregular Flow of Milk by the Contactless Optical Consumption Sensor

Dmitriy A. Gerasimov, Sergey A. Terentiev, Alexander V. Anikeev, Eugene S. Povernov, Eugene V. Sypin

5. Power Electronics, Mechatronics and Automation

1 Statistical Methods Application in Signals Spectral Classification for Power Quality Estimation in Power Transmission Lines with Fast Changing Loads

Pavel V. Morozov, Yury V. Morozov

2 The Microcircuits MH2XA010-02/03 for Signal Processing of Optoelectronic Sensors

Oleg V. Dvornikov, Anna V. Bugakova, Nikolay N. Prokopenko, Valentin L. Dziatlau , Ilya V. Pakhomov

3 Digital Control System Design for a Cuk Converter

Efim A. Aksenov, Valery D.Yurkevich

4 Primary AC Power Supply System for Autonomous Objects

Maxim V. Balagurov, Dmitry V. Korobkov, Petr A. Bachurin, Abilmansur R. Mansurov, Valery Y. Surov, Maksim A. Zharkov

5 A Family of Nine-Switch Converters

Vladimir Popov, Evgeny Baranov, Sergey Klassen, Tatyana Sekushenko

6 Neural Network Model of the Solar Battery

Irina A. Belova, Miroslav V. Martinovich, Vladimir A. Skolota

7 Development and Research of Electronic Transformer Circuits with an Intermediate DC Link

Dmitriy V. Anyfriev, George S. Leus, Andrey V. Sidorov, Alexander G. Volkov, Gennady S. Zinoviev, Maksim A. Zharkov

8 Electrodrive System Modeling Using Informative Properties Of Autonomous Voltage Inverter

Alexey V. Kasheutov, Tatyana A. Yatskaya, Alexander G. Garganeev

9 Simulation of the Multiple Port DC-DC Converter 

Dmitry V. Korobkov, Alexander N. Reshetnikov, Dmitry A. Shtein , Andrei V. Geist, Tatiana S. Sekushenko, Sergey V. Klassen

10 Discharge Characteristics of Lithium-Ion Accumulators under Different Currents

Sergey V. Kuchak, Alexey N. Voroshilov, Evgeny A. Chudinov

11 Building a Non-Linear Model of the Synchronous Drive with Permanent Magnets as a Part of the Sensorless Automatic Control System

Sergey V. Leonov, Kirill S. Vlasov, Danil F. Fedorov, Alexander Y. Zarnitsin

12 Experimental Test Results of the DC/DC Converter Prototype for Electroplating Installation

Sergey V. Luft

13 Double-loop Stabilization System of Output Voltage of High-voltage Power Supply for Powerful Travelling Wave Tube

Nicholai A. Kalistratov, Ekaterina E. Mirgorodskaya, Eugene D. Karnaukhov, Nikita P. Mityashin, Yuri B. Tomashevsky, Dmitry Yu. Vitkasov

14 General Principles of Medical Exoskeleton Design

Maxim N. Nokolenko, Denis A. Kotin

15 Analysis of Element’s Parameters Influence On Characteristics of Distributed Compacts Series Compensators

Dmitry I. Panfilov, Pavel A. Rashitov, Michail I. Petrov

16 Adaptive Mechatronic Management System of Wind-Driven Power-Plant with Variable Geometry

Vladimir A. Kostjukov, Andrey M. Maevskiy, Nikolay K. Poluyanovich, Marina N. Dubyago

17 Transmission Line Model for Controlled Series Compensation Devices Evaluation

Dmitry I. Panfilov, Michael G. Astashev, Alexander N. Rozhkov

18 Applying the Estimation System for Synchronization of Thyristor Rectifier Operating from the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

Vadim E. Sidorov, Maksim A. Zharkov, Dmitry V. Korobrov, Maxim V. Balagurov, Alexander G. Volkov

19 Overview of Technical Means of Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy-Algorithms for Obtaining the Quality Factor of Electric Power

Vladimir A. Skolota, Irina Belova, Miroslav V.Martinovich

20 Research of Energy Recuperation Efficiency in Electric Transport Systems

Egor A. Spiridonov, Mikhail V. Yaroslavtsev

21 Wide Temperature Range Low Drop Output Units Realized With 250 nm 40 V BCD Technology

Igor K. Surin, Vladimir A. Ryzhkov, Vladislav Yu. Vasilyev

22 AC Voltage Regulator with per Phase Switches

Aleksey V. Udovichenko, Andrey V. Sidorov

23 Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Resonant Converter in a Power Supply System of Autonomous Object

Denis V. Makarov, Maxim A. Khoroshev, Ilya V.Zaev

24 Design and Optimization of New Thyristors Controlled Reactors with Zero Harmonic Content

Dmitry I. Panfilov, Ahmed E. ElGebaly, Michael G. Astashev

25 Low-Cost Photovoltaic Microinverter with Ultra-Wide MPPT Voltage Range

Elizaveta Liivik, Andrii Chub, Roman Kosenko, Dmitri Vinnikov

26 Three-Level Single-Phase Quasi-Z Source Inverter With Active Power Decoupling Circuit 

Elena Makovenko, Oleksandr Husev, Carlos Roncero-Clemente, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Dmitri Vinnikov

27 Vibration Dynamics of an Electromagnetic Drive with a Half-Period Rectifier

Lyudmila A. Neyman, Vladimir Yu. Neyman, Andrei S. Shabanov

28 New Conception of an Electromagnetic Drive For a Vibration Source in Hole

Boris F. Simonov, Vladimir Yu. Neyman, Andrei S. Shabanov

29 The Synchronous Switching of Motor Power Supply from Frequency Converter to Grid for an AC Drives with Field-Oriented Vector Control

Oleg V. Nos, Uwe Rädel, Liliya V. Starostina

30 New Method of the Synchronous Vibratory Electromagnetic Machine Mechatronic Module Control

Lyudmila A. Neyman, Vladimir Yu. Neyman, Konstantin A. Obukhov

31 Three-Port Bridge Converter for Stand-Alone Power System

Aleksandr V. Sinyushin, Denis V. Makarov, Aleksandra L. Chupakhina, Sergey V. Luft

32 Power Conversion Quality of AC Buck Voltage Converter in Comparison with SCR Voltage Converter

Roman L. Gorbunov

33 Asynchronous Electric Drive Control without Pre-Magnetization 

Simakov G. M., Filushov V. Yu., Filushov Yu. P.

34 Power Conversion Efficiency of AC Buck Voltage Converter

Roman L. Gorbunov

35 Hybrid System of Reactive Power Compensation

Andrey A. Petrov, Nikolay I. Schurov, Marina V. Rozhkova

36 Time Domain and ZCS Approximation in Tristable Digital Buffer Amplifiers Engineering for Power Converters

Andrey A. Antonov, Maksim S. Karpovich, Igor V. Pichugin, Vladimir A. Ryzhkov, Vladislav Yu. Vasilyev

37 Aspects of Common-Mode Leakage Current Suppression in Single-Phase PV-Generation Systems

Evgeny V. Grishanov, Sergey V. Brovanov

38 Energy Efficiency Matching of Electric Traction Network with Double and Single-Way Circuits

E.Y. Abramov, N.I. Schurov, M.V. Rozhkova

39 Improvement of Single-Phase Alternating Rectifiers by Structural Synthesis Method 

Vladlen V. Ivanov, Sergey V.Myatezh, Nikolay I. Shchurov, Lola Sh. Atabaeva

40 Reliability Growth of Digital Electric Traction Network Protection 

Sergey M. Kuznetsov, Boris V. Malozyomov, Marina V. Rozhkova, Ivan S.Demidenko

41 Mathematical Model of Battery Discharge Unit for Space Applications

Sergey A. Kharitonov, Dmitriy V. Korobkov, Denis V. Makarov, Valery D. Yurkevich

42 Structural Model of a Magnetic Gearbox

Anatoly V. Sapsalev, Andrey A. Achitaev, Alexander G. Pristup, Nikolay P. Savin, Sergey A. Kharitonov

43 Signal-Adaptive Controller for Micro Electric Drive Rotor Radial Displacement Updating

Ilya S. Dymov, Denis A. Kotin

6. Medical Electronics

1 Information & Probability Approach to the Evaluation of Dynamic Heart System

Oleg N. Bodin, Vitalij G. Polosin, Anatolij G. Ubiennyh, Dmitrij A. Arzhaev, Kasymbek A. Ozhikenov, Andrej Ju. Bodin

2 The Method of Classical Bridge Speeding with the Parasitic Capacitances across the Diagonally Opposite Pair of Junctions

Ilya V. Pakhomov, Anna V. Bugakova, Nikolai N. Prokopenko

3 Audiometric Equipment

Anna A. Kapul, Stanislav N. Torgaev, Ekaterina I. Zubova, Genadii S. Evtushenko, Vitaliy V. Drobchik

4 Portable Cardioanalyzer

Oleg N. Bodin, Maksim I. Safronov, Kasymbek A. Ozhikenov, Arystambek K. Zhumagulov, Vitalij G. Polosin, Anatolij G. Ubiennyh

5 Distributed Computer Diagnostic System KardioVid on the Base of the Multi-Agent Technologies

Oleg N. Bodin, Anatoliy G. Ubiennykh, Anton S. Sergeenkov, Svetlana A. Balakhonova, Fagim K. Rakhmatullov, Kasymbek A. Ozhikenov

6 Dependence of Brightness of a Glow of Points of Compliance on Heart Rate

Lilia I. Lisitsyna, Alexander A. Blokhin, Tatiana M. Starovoytova, Leonid G. Navrotsky, Natalia S. Chirkova, Alexander M. Fateev

7 Effect of Transfer of Light Energy on Acupuncture Meridians

Lilia I. Lisitsyna, Leonid G. Navrotsky, Tatiana M. Starovoytova, Alexander A. Kamardin,  Svetlana V. Belavskaya, Alexander A. Blokhin

8 Development of Cardiograph Unit for Monitoring

Vladimir K. Makukha, Ivan V. Tikhonov, Dmitriy V. Vlasov

9 Software Development for the Speech Signals Analysis

Anatoly E. Tsvetkov, Vladimir K. Makuha, Daria V. Borovikova

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