19th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices
June 29 - July 3, 2018
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It is proposed three forms of participation: absentee participation, direct participation and guest.

Absentee participation  gives the right to publish a paper in EDM 2018 Proceedings.

Direct participation gives the right to publish a paper in EDM 2018 Proceedings and to take part in the conference.

Guest participation gives the right to take part in the conference.

Each participant who has paid the registration fee for absentee or direct participation receives one copy of the EDM 2018 Proceedings.

Pay attention, the possible number of participants is limited.

Additional (additional payment required)

- each page of the paper (over 6 pages);

- delivery of Proceeding (according to the shipping cost of the "Russian Post" at June 2018 + 18% VAT, see text below);

- Additional EDM 2018 Proceeding (it is necessary to notify the organizing committee by email till April 30, 2018).

Delivery of Proceeding.

Delivery of Proceeding is made only on participant request. Deadline for delivery payment - June 25, 2018. The Proceedings will be sent no later than 17 July 2017 by "Russian Post". Please, write a letter to the conference e-mail with the title of the paper, the delivery address, the addressee, the type of delivery (with tracking, without tracking). After that, you will be provided information about delivery cost (including 18% VAT), indicating the weight of the parcel. Website of Russian Post.


  1. Bank transfer

Essential Elements:

ИНН 5404105174

КПП 540401001
УФК по Новосибирской области (НГТУ л/с 20516У21090)

 Банк получателя:
Сибирское ГУ Банка России
БИК 045004001
P/cч. № 40501810700042000002

ОКПО     02068953

ОГРН     1025401485010

ОКАТО    50401377000

ОКТМО   50701000001

ОКОГУ    1322500

ОКФС     12

ОКОПФ   75103

Payment purpose (obligatory):

КБК 00000000000000000130
Registration fee EDM 2017 (72-7020) (including VAT 18%), delegate’s name. 

Copy of the payment confirmation must be sent by email to Organizing Committee: edm.conf@mail.ru

2. Payment of the account:

To get invoice you should download contract, fill in it and send us by e-mail. After signing the contract you will receive an account for payment. This account must be paid before April 23, 2018 (for invitations were sent until April 6) and May 3, 2018 (for invitations were sent after April 6).

The procedure for signing documents:

  1. agreeing the text of the contract on the part of your organization;

  2. agreeing the text of the contract (if changes were made) by the NSTU;

  3. signing of the contract (in 2 copies) by the NSTU;

  4. invoicing;

  5. providing an electronic copy of contract and invoice (signed by the NSTU) to payment;

  6. payment;

  7. transfer of contract (in 2 copies) to signature of your organization;

  8. delivery of contract (signed by the two parties, duplicate of NSTU) to the secretary of the conference EDM 2018, Shults Tatiana (by mail, personally);

  9. delivery of Service Acceptance Act to signature on your organization;

  10. delivery one copy of Service Acceptance Act (signed by your organization) to the secretary of the conference EDM 2018, Shults Tatiana (by mail, personally).

Download contract

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