20th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices
June 29 - July 3, 2019
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The Conference makes possible the fastest and effective meet of young specialists with the latest achievements of the leading scientific schools of Russia and foreign countries, experience interchange, the establishment of business and scientific communication, own achievements presentation.


Young scientists under the age of 35 years, graduate students, undergraduates, senior students.

Invited speakers

Doctors and Candidates of Science, heads of scientific groups and industrial enterprises.

Working languages

Russian and English

Conference sections

Section 1. Semiconductor Physics and Technology


Nataliya L. Shwartz, Cand.Sc., Associate Prof.

The section is considered: the physical properties of semiconductors, dielectrics (including low-dimensional structures: carbon and silicon nanostructures, quantum wells, quantum wires and dots), organic materials used in nanoelectronics; ideas and possibilities of using micro- and nanostructures for human needs; microsystem technology; microelectromechanical systems, technologies for their creation and research, the study of physical phenomena occurring in them.

Keywords: semiconductors, dielectrics, nanostructures, organic materials, microsystem technology, microelectromechanical systems.

Section 2. Radio and Microwave Technology. Computer Science and Telecommunications


Svetlana V. Vorobiova, Cand.Sc., Associate Prof.

Section 3. Sonic and Ultrasonic Devices: Physics, Electronics, Application


Vladimir N. Khmelev, Dr.Sc., Prof.

The section is considered the physics of the formation, distribution and control of sonic and ultrasonic vibrations in various environments; interaction of sonic and ultrasonic vibrations with various objects; computer simulation, design of ultrasound sources and electronic generators; creation of new materials and technologies improvement using ultrasound.

Keywords: sonic and ultrasonic vibrations, electronic generators.

Section 4. Optical-electronic Devices and Systems: Physics, Electronics, Application


Eugene V. Sypin, Cand.Sc., Associate Prof.

The section is discussed the physical fundamentals of optical-electronic instrumentation; operation principles of optical-electronic devices and systems (OEDS) for various purposes; methods of signal processing and detection of signals in noise used in OEDS; methods for calculating and designing OEDS; practical application of OEDS; technologies for the design and manufacture of OEDS, the physical fundamentals of functioning, technology of manufacturing and using of modern photosensitive devices.

Keywords: optical-electronic, signal processing, photosensitive devices.

Section 5. Power Electronics and Power Engineering


Gennady S. Zinoviev, Dr.Sc., Prof.

The section is considered: qualitative and quantitative rates of electrical energy converting technologies; developing mathematical models and analyzing electromagnetic processes in electrical energy converters; analyzing energy exchange processes between generators and non-linear consumers of electrical energy; mathematical methods for analyzing and synthesizing electrical circuits with semiconductor and electromechanical converters, circuits, devices and systems of power electronics; application features of advanced high-power high-voltage semiconductor devices and modules based on them (IGBT, IGCT, MOSFET); microprocessor control devices for high-power electrical energy converters; simulation of high-power electrical energy converters; construction methods for reactive power compensation and methods for their calculation; algorithms and control devices for power electronics systems; methods of analysis and control of closed nonlinear pulse control systems with various types of modulation.

Keywords: power converters, semiconductor devices, microprocessor control, reactive power compensation, control.

Section 6. Medical Electronics


Vladimir K. Makukha, Dr.Sc., Prof.

Section themes include hardware and software for medicine, biophysics and ecology. Research and development in biomedical engineering, wearable biomedical sensors and systems, medical informatics, telemedicine issues, new medical devices, introducing internet of things technology (IoT) into medical devices will all be covered in this section.

Keywords: medicine, biophysics, ecology, biomedical sensors, medical devices, biomedical engineering. 

Section 7. Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation


Oleg V. Nos, Dr.Sc., Associate Prof.

The selected reports for this conference session represent the most promising ideas to address such research issues in design, software, hardware and control of mechatronics systems, robotics and electrotechnological installations involving practical aspects for applications in the area of an industrial automation.

Keywords: robotics, mechatronic, automation, control strategies.


Novosibirsk State Technical University


Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Biysk Technological Institute of Altai

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